Hersey 74 Reunion
​We are planning our "50 Year" Class Reunion to be held in 2024.  Please help us locate you as      well as other classmates. Simply send us a quick message on the "Contact Us" page.                        We are not limiting our reunion festivities to our class of '74. Any graduating class                               from JHHS is welcome to attend. We hope to make it the best party in JHHS history!
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Contact Us
In Memoriam
of our classmates:
 Please contact us if you
know of any additional classmates who have 
passed away.
 They will be missed but never forgotten.
Londonderry Air  "Danny Boy"
 (Irish Dreams ll)
  Patrick Accettura            Daniel Bandu                Ray Becker
  Steven Birkett                 Peggy Broderick           John Brown                              
  Gail Brylinke                   Craig Christiansen         Gregory Cochran
  Kathy Di Giovanni           Linda Enzmann            Joel Fantuzzi     
  Robert Geething             Irene Grams                  Mary "Kathy" Mendoza
  Peggy Guenther             George Harris                Marc Harris
  Scott Broertjes                Jerome Janoska           Constance Johnson
  Jeff Kallman                    Mark Kaspar                 Patricia Kloster
  Susan Konczyk               Rick Laich                     Julia Larko
  Catherine Lear                Jeffrey Louis                  Bennet Mahlman
  Michael Mc Cullagh        Michael McGrath           Otto Meisenheimer
  Stan Mitchell                  Thomas Mogge              Michael More
  Joe Mross                       Randall Nathan             Kim Neill
  Roberta Nyberg              Gary Penley                  Mark Petterson
  Brian Pickering                Russel Porebski           David Charles Schunk 
  William Seiler                  Laurie Sharp                 Karlheinz Taubel
  Cynthia Taylor                 Laureen Wegrzyn         Catherine Weiler
  Rodney Wille                   Esther Wirz                  Robert Zacharias
  Susan Zinga                    Richard Frodin            Homero Martinez
 Joe Szinauel                     Michael Glink              Dennis Leonard